Top 10 Things to Know about WCT

10.  WCT is a 43 year-old non-profit organization dedicated to producing quality entertainment for the citizens of Washington, PA. 

9.  WCT is a family of performing artists who are committed to enriching the community.

8.  WCT is a group of individuals from all career types, backgrounds, age ranges who love to communicate by singing, dancing, and acting.

7.  WCT is a way for interested community members to learn theatre, no matter what their previous experience.

6.  WCT is a thankful and merry band of players, portrayers, producers, directors, musicians, and artists.

5.  WCT is an outlet for members to share their best talents on and off the stage.

4.  WCT is dedicated to family enjoyment of the performers.

3.  WCT is devoted to producing family entertainment for the audience.

2.  WCT is a troupe that wants to welcome new members and performers.

and the Number 1 Thing to Know About WCT -

1.  They never tire of hearing the phrase "One more time, from the top!"


For more information about WCT please visit the following:

WCT's 2014 Board of Directors


Mission and Purpose